Information about VeggAtHome


We are the first sharing economy platform of the vegetarian community in the world, with the main focus of directing 20% of the profits to NGOs, projects, animal sanctuaries, collectives and environmental & social movements suggested by our members.

On top of that, we encourage the consumption of food produced through organic farming, support people in their dietary transitions and generate income for cooks, chefs, nutritionists & vegetarians who like to cook and host people at their place.

We also boost the local economy and share knowledge for free, through scholarships for vulnerable groups to meet the demand for vegetarian and nutritious dishes.

We have a network of Activist Ambassadors who create opportunities, partnerships and build bridges between hosts, communities, providers, events and everything that the VeggAtHome community suggests.

Come join us and share this idea. Veganize through love!


We wish to support & welcome all entrepreneurs and small street food businesses, restaurants, cafes to use our platform. We’ve cut our commission margin in half to help the whole community in this situation but continue donating resources to the NGOs and projects we support.


We remind you that all the dishes offered must be strict vegetarian, which means, free of any ingredient of animal origin.